General Rules and Terms of Agreement for Membership of Macs English Bookshop
Henceforth abbreviated as (MEB)
Any person registering as a member of MEB must be at least 18 years of age.
The minimum legal age to conduct business in Germany. MEB has the right to
cancel a membership if it is found that the member has
been dishonest with regard to registration information or has attempted to sell
prohibited items on the site,or sell to a minor.
This would be constituted as a breach of the law and considered as bad conduct.
MEB takes no liability for the legality of the offers or transactions between
sellers and buyers.
MEB members are responsible for deleting their book from the site once it
has been sold.
MEB members are not permitted to sell items that are prohibited by law.
(§ 5 para.2 )
Law concerning dissemination of obscene materials and media content
as indexed in the Young peoples Federal Department Records Germany.
Written material constituted as Propaganda,Symbols of unconstitutional
organisations(§ 86,a,St. GB.) or to offer any material which would be
deemed as incitement (§ 130 St GB )
MEB members may not sell an item on this site that violates third party
rights. eg Copyright materials,trademark,photocopied book materials.
MEB members are themselves responsible for any taxes due on on
income derived from sales of their books on this site.
MEB Members are not permitted to apply excess postal charges on this site
the current postal charges are easily found at the local office or the internet.
MEB cannot be held liable for technical problems , acts of God
that may occur on the site.
The site will be regularly checked ,and all precautions will be taken
to prevent any major problems.
MEB members registration information will not be given to a third
However the transmission of Encrypted data and threats do exist.
It is therefore the members responsibility to take the necessary
precautionary measures when conducting a sale.
MEB cannot be held liable for any damage due to stolen Data.
MEB members take sole responsibility for any of their books listed
on this site,and transactions conducted with buyers.
MEB will not be liable for any problems resulting from the sales of
books on this site.
MEB reserves the right to remove single images or links without
prior notice from the website.
MEB will adhere to the laws of the Federal republic of Germany under
the exclusion of UN Commercial Law.
MEB reserves the right to change these terms at any time,a statement denoting
reasons for the change is not required.
If any provisions in these terms are deemed illegal ,they will be replaced
by terms that are legally effective for the economic purpose of the