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The bookshop you see here was started because my wife and I enjoy reading and have a lot of books,but no space to keep them,also it seems a sad waste to discard them.Then my wife was ill for a time ,which led to her being handicapped and this in turn meant that changes needed to be made to our home that would allow her easy access around the apartment.

As my wife has an English pension she was not entitled to  all the benefits that the German health system affords its’ citizens.Therefore a means of generating funds from home became necessary.

Hence a Bookshop where we could sell our books ,but also provide a site where others could do the same without paying commission fees ,and receive a reasonable return for books they may have to sell.At the same time generate funds to a worthy cause ,the  National kidney foundation in England.

I have spent a long time trying to find a company that could put a website together for me that is user friendly.Finally was fortunate enough to find the company .

The first company I was introduced to was called ,   Mr Mandelkorn , the owner had a professional internet presence , spoke English,and seemed friendly enough at our first meeting.I explained what I was looking for , being new to this venture made the mistake of using a classified advertisement service on the internet as an example for the website layout.shortly after our meeting  he told me the site was ready .

It was made like a classified advertisement site. Another meeting was held where we discussed the  the layout ,and  the desired features.A contract was forwarded to me via email ,where he had stated authors would sell their books on the site etc.I informed him this was wrong ,he told me this is not a problem ,we can work around that.

I waited a few months and was told I could upload books on the site to see how it appeared to work until it required more information for the uploads than I was familiar with.In all it was a washout.I paid thinking this would help with correcting the mistakes and completing the website.One year later after endless mails and texts to which there was no response ,I sought legal advice requesting a refund.In short My lawyer took the issue to court.

This did not produce a positive outcome ,as Mr Mandelkorn represented himself ,the judge was not familiar with computer language and ruled that Mr Mandelkorn should repair mistakes and make the site functional.I informed the judge that it was somewhat late in the day as I had contracted another company to do the job.after waiting two years all told ,I felt a refund was fair.In February I contacted Mr Mandelkorn and requested a review of the site to try and recoup my financial loss ,as  of previous there is to date no response.

So if any of you reading this ,would like to have your  own online business with a site tailored to  your needs  be sure to dot the I’s and cross the T’ ,better still take the contract to a lawyer if you are not sure that you will receive what you have contracted for.

If you like the layout for my site  ,( which can be  adapted  to your needs ) and feel this would be suitable for your products with stock control and other features for sales , contact me by email ,reference bookshop site.

I promise you that you will not have to spend a fortune to get started ,and the team is honest and reliable,easy to work with , can only recommend for those of you that may be on a tight budget to start a small independent business.

thank you for visiting, look forward to hearing from you.

Mel Macholla



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