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This shop is for people who enjoy reading, and are looking for books at reasonable prices. If you are like my Wife and I you may have many books on the shelves and be running out of space. Here we offer an ideal place for you to buy or sell new or used books. Primarily the site is for private vendors, however business terms can be arranged for commercial vendors.

There are no commission fees for vendors only a yearly membership fee of 9 . 50% of the membership fee will be given to the NKF in England.

This is an England wide voluntary group that support families and their members when undergoing treatment for transplants or kidney related illnesses.

Address kidney.org.uk

An annual report will be posted indicating the donated sum for each year.

So if you have any books gathering dust on the shelves, and you need a little room in your home, share the pleasure of reading and help those less fortunate than ourselves and join us, who knows you may even find a book to your taste to buy.

Thankyou for visiting the site, look forward to hearing from you.


Mel Macholla

Dare you turn the page on the ghosts of sleath?

Then why not venture forth and explore our online bookshop from Frankfurt am Main.from Fantasy to SciFi, Romance to History ,Crimes ,Thrillers and many more.

Buy and Sell  no commission fees ,just a small annual membership fee for  Sellers.

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The Terminal Man , Captain Bligh and Mr Christian , The Sunbird , A Falcon for the Queen , Reders Digest

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